learning how to receive

I’ve never met as hospitable people as the Turkish. I’ve been here for a week now and have yet to stay in a hostel. I’ve been provided meals, more than luxourish assistance figuring out transport, time and friendship. Even the shop man wouldn’t let me pay for an electrical adapter after he saw that I so stupidly burnt mine to a crisp. This kindness is so unique to the Turkish because they act this way out of genuine joy, rather than feelings of obligation.

And isn’t it true that when we host people ourselves, we truly want our guests to relax and for them not to worry about being a burden?Ā Perhaps these are only my worries. You see, I’m not very good at receiving. I’ve always been a giver. The one who listens, who goes out of my way, who puts my energy aside for others, even when it depletes me.

The process of giving and receiving is a balancing act. As in the way we listen to our friends and they in turn allow us to speak. Energetically, the universe gives and receives simultaneously. As we receive, without feelings of guilt, we are also giving. We are allowing others the space to give by appropriately accepting their gift.

2 thoughts on “learning how to receive

  1. Learning how to receive graciously is AS IMPORTANT AS giving selflessly. It is part of Yoga, the two are yoked ( yoga) together as you rightly say in a balancing act. Another way of putting it is to see it as a current that flows from the positive( giver ) to the negative ( receiver ) outside the cell but flows from the negative to the positive inside. The receiver replenishes the giver!!!

    Lovers do the same as well. A man loves his woman and his woman supports him. She is the vessel, He fills her and she keeps it in store for him when he needs it.

    Asians are good at giving selflessly. If you read the Vedas you will see what I mean; they are ancient – 5000 years old!! – and the Vedic Aryans ( means in Sanskrit a cultivated man ) knew it long ago.

    Enjoy Turkey!



    1. I love seeing your enthusiasm for yoga and your culture in your writing Ranga.

      It’s interesting how you describe how giving and receiving flow through a current, where the two mutually support each other. Part of what was going through my mind when writing this post was the direct experience I had of this energy flow during a reiki session while in Istanbul (Turkey).

      I was lying on my back on the floor, while the therapist/healer was standing above me at my side after her hands began opening into a wider and wider circle around me. WIthout controlling my hands/arms, I reached out into air and grabbed onto Consciousness, then put it close to my heart. I could literally feel myself giving and receiving love, to myself, at the same time. It was like a perfectly wired electrical line, a connected current and a smooth flow of energy in and out of me.

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