Malaysia: beauty and hypocrisies

With dirty feet and dry heat, I’m back home in Phnom Penh. I missed it here. Everything that is so familiar, yet so distinct from where I’ve been in the past month, has reinforced what I understand Cambodia to be. Poverty, corruption and lack of social services sits in large contrast with Singapore and Malaysia. (I never made it to Indonesia, after the conscious decision to further explore Borneo island).

From the bus ride past the Malaysian border into Melacca to the final few days in culturally-rich Miri, I was constantly reminded of Canada. Continue reading “Malaysia: beauty and hypocrisies”

singapore / malaysia / indonesia

I can’t believe in a few hours I’ll be on a plane again. This time, it won’t be only a weekend away from the city, but a month vacation. I’m already sad that there I’ll only have two more months left in Cambodia when I return. Even now, I wouldn’t be able to leave on this trip without knowing I was coming back. I actually emphasize to everyone that I will be coming back, but it’s probably because I’m reaffirming to myself that this is not goodbye… yet.

On the other hand, I am looking forward to my first backpacking adventure! Continue reading “singapore / malaysia / indonesia”