protests, meaning, and something in between

I write today in solidarity with the protests against the G8 summit happening today in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. For a land and people that only recently found some semblance of peace, it is risky business to bring such a globally disputed international conference, along with the extra thousands of  specially trained police, to the area.

Though the official statement of why the G8 is being held in the recently afflicted conflict zone is to highlight it`s state as a now peaceful place, anti-G8 activists make note of the convenience of the location’s secludedness. The people’s view doesn’t capture the entire picture, in my opinion, but regardless, I fear ┬áthat the clashes of political ideologies and police presence may be a trigger for the country.

Both political decision making and religion have divided Northern Ireland in the past. Not only divided, but have been a root of extreme violence that only served to feed into their resistance of the other.

I hope for a coming together, alongside a deep listening. Those sitting in the summit are trying to sort out economic woes that affect our societies in the only ways they know possible, as much as the people in the streets are trying to sort out the disparity of humanistic values in the economic system by speaking of alternatives. Our problems go far beyond what can be put to blame on another person. They are systematic issues that everyone becomes a victim to. But we are actively working them out. Consciousness is shifting and change is happening.

Look around.