why do I travel?

For as long as I can recall, I’ve been searching for answers to understand what life is supposed to be all about. In other words, I wanted all the answers to the entire universe all at once. Thankfully, I’ve since realized that the universe doesn’t work this way. Instead, it teaches us in small and gradual ways. But some sort of dissatisfaction, and the desire to appease it, remains. I travel then, as many others do, in the attempt to fulfill a need that isn’t been done so at home. This isn’t to say that the beauty and mysteries of life aren’t present at home, for every destination one travels to is indeed a home to someone else. Geographically, there isn’t a secretly hidden ‘x’ marks the spot destination where a traveller can find the perfect satisfaction on a soft and sandy, clear watered paradise. It’s not the ‘x’ that a traveller hopes to stumble on, but a discovering of that ‘x’ within one’s own self which can be found through the means of travel.

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singapore / malaysia / indonesia

I can’t believe in a few hours I’ll be on a plane again. This time, it won’t be only a weekend away from the city, but a month vacation. I’m already sad that there I’ll only have two more months left in Cambodia when I return. Even now, I wouldn’t be able to leave on this trip without knowing I was coming back. I actually emphasize to everyone that I will be coming back, but it’s probably because I’m reaffirming to myself that this is not goodbye… yet.

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a thank you note

Even though I think it’s quite unfair, I am so grateful for English being a world language. Actually, I am grateful to all the people who work so hard to learn a new language and practice it by engaging with other people and cultures.

English as a world language has already brought me so many wonderful and meaningful relationships that would once have not been possible. I thank all of the interesting and genuine people that I have met on this internship (from work, to social life, to travelling) for their dedication to communication and their interest in communicating with me 🙂

Thank you all for sharing all of your stories!

off the continent

I’ve landed, for the first time ever, outside the North American continent. What a trip! Everything has gone smoothly so far. I actually loved the Ottawa to Chicago flight; the only unsettling part was witnessing the US customs guard undo a man’s belt out in the open (he didn’t have a choice because of his pacemaker). It was inappropriate and unsettling.

Chicago to Seoul was so long – 13 hours 5 min to be precise. I’ve discovered that Korean airplane rice is the worst rice in the world, but surprisingly their seawood soup wasn’t bad at all. It was good for my cold too. Seoul airport is actually a high fashion shopping mall. And they serve mouth burning coffee for $4 US.
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