learning how to receive

I’ve never met as hospitable people as the Turkish. I’ve been here for a week now and have yet to stay in a hostel. I’ve been provided meals, more than luxourish assistance figuring out transport, time and friendship. Even the shop man wouldn’t let me pay for an electrical adapter after he saw that I so stupidly burnt mine to a crisp. This kindness is so unique to the Turkish because they act this way out of genuine joy, rather than feelings of obligation.

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back to the Asian continent

The first time I ventured to Asia, to work and live in Cambodia, was probably the first time I consciously took a pilgrimage in this life. I didn’t know at the time how much that experience would make me grow. I did know that I was yearning to be somewhere different than my own exploitative and consumerist culture, somewhere that respected Nature and people, somewhere that structured its society around supporting people to be all they could be rather than moulding them into a box for the greater efficiency of a system that is powerfully fighting to keep itself alive.

I didn’t find that place.

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