Yoga & Massage

If you are looking for yoga classes or Thai yoga massage in Lisbon, Portugal, I can be contacted through the form below or at:
+351 932 483 855


About the classes

I aim to bring my own experience from my own practice into my classes. They are hatha classes with elements of Sivananda, Ashtanga and Vinyasa elements, with tendencies towards a meditative flow to connect your breath with movement and go deep within yourself through the aid of the postures.

Classes are currently in English. 10 euro drop in, or a set of four classes for 30 euro. First class is free.

All levels welcome. Advanced booking is required. 


@ Rua Herois de Quionga, 12, floor 1
Penha de França (Arrois metro)


About thai yoga massage

The origins of Thai Yoga massage come from Indian and Ayurvedic along with Buddhist traditions. It receives its name as Thai massage because it is in Thailand where the practice has mainly been preserved.

Massages are done fully clothed and on a mat on the ground. The therapist works through static and dynamic movements (some similar to yoga postures) with a focus on working energy lines from the feet to the head. There are many physical benefits, along with bringing renewed energetic (can be read as mental, emotional and physical) balance.

I work primarily with a focus on the meditative quality of this massage aiming to create a sacred and shared space that brings metta (loving kindness) into the room while restoring balance in the body. The present needs and state of the client are taken into consideration to give a particular massage tailored to the present moment, and thus each massage has a tendency to look quite different from the last. Indeed, the massage turns into a sacred dance while both the therapist and the client each act as a giver and a receiver.

Currently offering a discounted rate of 30 euro per session. Sessions are 1.5 – 2 hours in length, including an initial consultation on the first visit.


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